On our way home

Well vacation is over and we are flying back home. It is currently 10:43 pm  on Sunday and we are at the Novotel hotel in Taipei. We will be up at 5 am to catch a plane through Osaka to NYC.

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Sorry we have not posted

This is the first time we have had any internet connection since getting to Jakarta. We will only have a connection for an hour or two. Everyone is having a great time but, it is very very hot, a constant 93 degrees on most days. We head to Bali on Friday where we will have internet all the time. I will try to blog more then.

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Awaiting the day


The date of departure is April 17th. It is such a long flight to Indonesia that we must start the process with a drive to Portland at midnight on the 17th. The plan is to catch the Trailways bus from Portland in to Logan airport. The first flight is  leaving Boston at 10:15 am for the hour and 15 minute flight to JFK airport in New York. Our second flight will leave JFK at 3 pm and arrive in Taipei at 9:40 pm on the 19th. After this long flight it is time for a break so we will spent the night in Taipei and catch an 8:45am flight on the 20th to Jakarta. We will arrive in Jakarta at 1pm.

We expect to be greeted by many of mom’s relatives which is very common for her family or any Indonesian family. Families are very important in Indonesian society. Mom has not seen her family in many years and we were only 18 months old when we last came to Indonesia.

The drive from Soekarno-Hatta International airport will take over an hour because traffic in Jakarta is always congested, but when you live in a city of over 12 million people you expect these things. I do not think we have any plans for the rest of this day, just spend some time with Grandpa, aunts and uncles.


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